The Friendly Post


Friendship is something I have found valuable throughout my life. There are friends you think will be there for you through thick and thin and those who you know will one day leave. I was never a part of the “in’ or the “popular” crowd, but I did have my fair share of friends. The funny thing about friendship is sometimes people leave and when they do you realize who your real friends are. I have recently lost touch with a couple of friends whom I used to think would be there for me. It took me a while, but I can now see that it has only made me stronger and grow as a person. Losing some of my best friends have made me cling to the friendships I do still have. One of my oldest friends came home to visit the other day. I am so grateful for her. Lou and I grew up with her. We played together as children, gossiped as young teens, and have grown into young adults. I am so grateful for the friendships that last. The kind that you can go a while without talking to, but once you see each other or talk with each other again it’s like nothing has changed. I am grateful for friendship and the impact it has on my life. I used to think that it was the number of friends that mattered, I now know it is the number of friends I can be certain of that counts.



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